Keynote Speaker

Seconds Matter.... Every call can make a difference!

Dean Otto is a 52 year old runner from Charlotte, NC. His life changed on September 24th, 2016. Dean was paralyzed from the waist down after he was hit by a truck riding his bike in Charlotte, NC.

Acceptance and Forgiveness have been key for Dean. Today he is making a miraculous recovery and wants to give back to help those less fortunate come back from spinal cord injuries.

Dean is a living miracle due to the fast response of bystanders calling 911, the 911 operators (you) assisting the bystanders and coordinating the medical response, emergency responders, and his medical team. Seconds and minutes made the difference!

Dean is here today to share his story and life after the 911 call! He wants to give thanks to the 911 folks who make a huge difference in peoples’ lives on a daily basis but don’t always get to see the final outcome. Dean is that amazing outcome. As a side note, through cooperation with Dean’s surgeon, Dr. Matt McGirt, Stryker Spine, the medical company that made the surgical devices in his back, the Carolinas Medical Center hospital system and their foundation, he is raising money to fund the LIFE Program for Spinal Cord Injury patients. 911 has allowed him to continue to make a difference and keep RUNNING!