Conduct and Rules

North Carolina NENA and North Carolina APCO
Annual Conference Rules of Conduct and Ethics

By attending the NC NENA / NC APCO Joint Conference it is understood that I will be required to abide by the rules and regulations of this Conference, as listed below:

I will act as I would at work and remember that my actions are representing my agency/employer at all times, whether I paid my way or my employer sent me.

No loud, obnoxious, or obscene language will be tolerated.

No harassment of any kind will be tolerated, to include (but not limited to) verbal or sexual.

No damage to property of the hotel, conference facility or others.

The Conference is intended to be a place to learn, share experiences, fellowship, unwind and have a good time.  All of the above actions cannot be tolerated for the safety of the individuals attending our Conference.

Consequences for Violation

If a complaint is registered by an attendee or Conference Center staff about an individual, the two sitting Presidents of the Chapters will address the matter immediately.

Depending on the severity of the incident:

Most Severe:  the President(s) will have the authority to ask the offender to leave the Conference with no refund and they will immediately contact the employer of the offender and advise them of this action being taken.  The President(s) will also have the authority to ban this individual from attending future conferences, if necessary.

Severe:  the President(s) will talk to the offender and explain that this will not be tolerated anymore and issue a onetime verbal warning.  Their employer will be notified of this action and the offender may continue to attend this Conference on probation.  Any other violation of this policy will make this a Most Severe event.

Enacted and approved by the Executive Boards of North Carolina NENA and North Carolina APCO - 2011 (Reviewed 2012, 2013).